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  1. What if the first loan is given directly to the school so that someone can be able to join,because when we look some of the family they have nothing to take the children at school that make most of then to lack higher education and remain at home and life challange them.

  2. During application at the registration as a new student I’m told that my ID details are not found in the system and yet they are correct, these goes to an extent of being asked to wait for an hour,, this is now too much since it has happened to me the same for the last two weeks,, please give an assistant, thanks

  3. During my application at the registration as a first time student applicant,I’m being told that my ID number details is not in the system and they subsequently tell me to wait for one hour,it has been one week now,am left in state of desperation, please kindly assist, thanks.

  4. Hello, I’d applied my subsequent loan through helb app but is like the application was not successful, kindly may you help me to acquire it, this is the only source I depend on please.

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