5 ways to send airtime and data bundle to any network in Ghana

5 ways to send airtime and data bundle to any network in Ghana

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Buying call credit for data bundles or for making calls for cross-network can sometimes be complex or almost impossible in Ghana. An example is a customer trying to send airtime from MTN mobile money wallet to their Vodafone number or vice-versa.

Luckily there are a number of value-added service companies that exist to help solve these issues. Some of these services are not only limited to airtime but also allow sending money to users on other mobile money networks, paying bills, bank transactions etc. Below is a list of our top service providers that serve some of these purposes in Ghana. 


Tingg is a payment and value-added service platform that allows its’ users to send and receive money and also buy airtime and data across multiple networks. Ting operates in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and other African countries. Users can purchase airtime for any network once they onboard on the platform. You may use the tingg mobile app which is available for both android and iPhone users or make use of their USSD shortcode which can be accessed by using *234#. 


Korba is an interoperable platform that enables the movement of funds across multiple platforms including all mobile networks and banks. Korba also allows users to buy airtime and data bundles for any network of their choice in Ghana. You can access the Korba services using the Korba mobile app which is available for both Android and iPhone (iOS) or by using their USSD short code *365#.


Move is a secure payment platform that allows you to transfer funds across banks & mobile networks, recharge data & airtime from any mobile network, pay bills, subscription services and merchants. The service also allows users to access their services through their mobile app or using their USSD code *718#


Zeepay is a wholly Ghanaian owned fin-tech focusing to connect digital assets such as mobile money wallets, cards, International Money Transfer Operators, Subscriptions. Unlike other value-added service platforms, zeepay can only be accessed through their USSD short code *270# but hoping to release their mobile app in the coming days. 


Wigal is a fast-growing value-added service (VAS) Provider in the Ghanaian market. They have products ranging from frog (a bulk SMS platform), reddepayment among others. Their platform also allows users to buy airtime and data from any network in Ghana. Wigal doesn’t have a mobile app but users can always make use of their comprehensive USSD short code *800*2# to purchase airtime and data bundles for any network in Ghana.



Finally, with the services listed above, you now have so many options available to you when next you find yourself buying airtime or data bundles for yourself or that favourite person of yours who is using a different network.

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