What You Should Know About Teacher Training Colleges

What You Should Know About Teacher Training Colleges

Here is a list of What You Should Know About Teacher Training Colleges in Ghana. There are over 46 public and private teacher training colleges in Ghana which are now called colleges of Education. These colleges do not award certificates to students directly but through an affiliated autonomous university. These universities are in charge of setting exams for students at the end of every semester. In this post, we will look at some frequently asked questions about teacher training colleges in Ghana.

Teacher Training Colleges Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the College of Education accept D7?

Students with grade D7 will no longer be offered admission to colleges of education.

2. How many government training colleges are there in Ghana?

There are 46 government-owned training colleges in Ghana. You may check them out in this post.

The duration for teacher training is 4 years for a degree in basic education. Formally it was 3 years for a diploma in basic education.

The cost of Colleges of Education admission forms is GH¢200.00

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6. What are the courses offered at the College of Education Ghana?

Here are all the courses offered at the College of Education

  • B. Ed. Home Economics
  • B. Ed. Mathematics/Science
  • B. Ed. French
  • B. Ed. English & Arabic
  • B. Ed. French & Ghanaian Language
  • B. Ed. ICT & Science
  • B. Ed. ICT & Mathematics
  • B. Ed. RME & Music
  • B. Ed. Early Childhood Development
  • B. Ed. Primary Education
  • B. Ed. RME & History
  • B. Ed. English & Ghanaian Language
  • B. Ed. Geography & History
  • B. Ed. Physical Education & Science
  • B. Ed. Visual Arts
  • B. Ed. French & English
  • B. Ed. Agriculture Science
  • B. Ed. Technical/Vocational

7. What is the closing date for the College of Education?

 The closing date for the 2023 /2024 colleges of education admission forms is October 31st, 2023.

The admission cut-off point for teacher training College is an aggregate of 30. Applicants are to obtain at least C6 in three core subjects and C6 in two elective subjects.


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