University of Nairobi Courses

University of Nairobi Courses

Explore a list of accredited University of Nairobi Courses for the 2023/2024 academic year. The University of Nairobi (UoN) is one of Kenya’s leading tertiary institutions with over 100 programmes available in the fields of engineering, Arts, Mathematics and science.

In this post, we will provide you with a list of courses available at the University of Nairobi to help you make informed decisions when selecting a course for your studies.

How to Log into the UNO Student Portal

  1. Visit the UON Website
  2. Go to the Login Section
  3. Enter your student registration number
  4. Enter your password (Use your National ID / Passport No. or KCSE Index No. or Application Reference No. as your initial)
  5. Click on the Login button

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University of Nairobi Courses 2023/2024

Below are the courses offered at the University of Nairobi

1263101Bachelor Of Arts
1263102Bachelor Of Architectural Studies/Bachelor Of Architecture
1263103Bachelor Of Quantity Surveying
1263105Bachelor Of Arts (Design)
1263106Bachelor Of Arts (Anthropology)
1263107Bachelor Of Science (Actuarial Science)
1263108Bachelor Of Science (Industrial Chemistry)
1263109Bachelor Of Science (Mathematics)
1263110Bachelor Of Science (Meteorology)
1263111Bachelor Of Science (Biology)
1263112Bachelor Of Science (Biochemistry)
1263113Bachelor Of Science (Geology)
1263114Bachelor Of Science (Analytical Chemistry)
1263115Bachelor Of Science (Computer Science)
1263116Bachelor Of Science (Civil Engineering)
1263117Bachelor Of Science (Electrical And Electronic Engineering)
1263118Bachelor Of Science (Mechanical Engineering)
1263119Bachelor Of Science (Geospatial Engineering)
1263120Bachelor Of Science (B.SC)
1263121Bachelor Of Science (Biosystems Engineering)
1263122Bachelor Of Science (Agriculture)
1263124Bachelor Of Science (Food Science And Technology)
1263126Bachelor Of Science (Microprocessor Technology And Instrumentation)
1263127Bachelor Of Science (Astronomy And Astrophysics)
1263128Bachelor Of Dental Surgery
1263129Bachelor Of Pharmacy
1263130Bachelor Of Veterinary Medicine
1263131Bachelor Of Medicine And Bachelor Of Surgery
1263132Bachelor Of Science (Nursing)
1263133Bachelor Of Commerce (B.Com)
1263134Bachelor Of Laws (LLB)
1263135Bachelor Of Education (Arts)
1263137Bachelor Of Education (Science)
1263143Bachelor Of Science (Wildlife Management And Conservation)
1263146Bachelor Of Economics
1263163Bachelor Of Science (Statistics)
1263165Bachelor Of Arts (Planning)
1263176Bachelor Of Construction Management
1263180Bachelor Of Education (Early Childhood Education)
1263181Bachelor Of Journalism And Mass Communication
1263186Bachelor Of Science (Environmental Conservation And Natural Resources Management)
1263187Bachelor Of Science (Agribusiness Management)
1263190Bachelor Of Science (Food Nutrition And Dietetics)
1263194Bachelor Of Science (Medical Laboratory Science & Technology)
1263199Bachelor Of Economics And Statistics
1263278Bachelor Of Science (Microbiology And Biotechnology)
1263296Bachelor Of Arts In International Studies
1263300Bachelor Of Real Estate
1263302Bachelor Of Arts (Gender And Development Studies)
1263316Bachelor Of Education (Physical Education And Sports)
1263317Bachelor Of Arts Interior Design
1263327Bachelor Of Project Planning And Management
1263417Bachelor Of Science (Agricultural Education And Extension)
1263513Bachelor Of Science (Chemistry)
1263B69Bachelor Of Information Science

University of Nairobi Contact


  • P. O. Box 30197, GPO, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Tel: (+254-20) 491 0000

Undergraduate Admissions

For any queries about undergraduate admissions please contact:
The Academic Registrar, Admissions Office Reception,
University of Nairobi, Main Campus
Administration Block, 1st Floor
Tel: (+254-20) 491 0000
E-mail[email protected]

Graduate admissions and general correspondence

Deputy Registrar (Postgraduate Studies)
P.O. Box 30197 00100, NAIROBI
Telephone Number: 020 491 0000
E-mail: General correspondence: [email protected]
Email: Admission correspondence: [email protected]

Contacts of the Faculty Deans

Dean Faculty of Arts

Tel no: +254 204913205
Email: [email protected]

Dean Faculty of Business
Tel no: +254 204919007

Email: [email protected]

Dean Faculty of Agriculture

Tel no: +254 204916002
Email: [email protected]

Dean Faculty of Built Environment

Tel no: +254 204913529
Email: [email protected]

Dean Faculty of Education

Tel no: +254 204916502
Email: [email protected]

Dean Faculty of Engineering

Tel no: +254 204913503
Email: [email protected]

Dean Faculty of Health Sciences

Tel no: +254 204915002
Email: [email protected]

Executive Dean Faculty of Social Sciences

Tel no: +254 204913202
Email: [email protected]

Dean, Faculty of Science & Technology

Tel no: +254 204914102
Email: [email protected]

Dean Faculty of Law

Tel no: +254 204919508
Email: [email protected]

Dean Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Tel no: +254 204916009
Email: [email protected]

UoN Telephone Direct Lines

Telephone Direct Lines

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