UEW Music Entrance Exams Questions

UEW Music Entrance Exams Questions

UEW Music Entrance Exams Questions 2023/2024. The UEW mature entrance examination allows applicants above 25 years of age who applied for Admission into REGULAR and SANDWICH PROGRAMMES using the MATURED ENTRY MODE option to write an Online Entrance Examination on the UEW Vclass Portal.

In this post, will provide our readers with past questions for the UEW Music Entrance Exams Questions which can be used by applicants to prepare for the UEW 2023/2024 examination.

UEW Mature Entrance Exam Past Questions

1. Two crotchets against three crotchets in a simple duple time is

A. hemiola

B. compound triple

C. simple triple

D. cross rhythm

2. Modulations to the 5th degree of the home key are the

A. subdominant

B. dominant

C. median

D. submediant

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3. Music performed for entertainment and relaxation is

A. occasional music

B. traditional music

C. recreational music

D. incidental music

4. Which of the following musicians is a Classical period composer?

A. Mozart

B. Handel

C. Brahms

D. P.I.Tschaikowsky

5. Which of the following African instruments is made with wooden slabs?

A. Seperewa

B. Gyile

C. Axatse

D. Ogyamaa

6. The master drum in Atsiagbeko ensemble is

A. atumpan

B. vuga

C.  Atimevu

D. Sogo

7. In modulation, the sol-fa “ta: l” more often than not leads to the

A. dominant key

B. subdominant key

C. relative major key

D. relative minor key

8. In musical transcription, the sol-fa note “soh” is the

A. 2nd degree

B. 4th degree

C. 3rd degree

D. 5th degree

9. The musical symbol above is

A. tremando.

B. wave line.

C. fermata.

D. turn.

10. ʋuga belongs to a class of instruments called

A. aerophones.

B. chordophones.

C. idiophones.

D. membranophones.

11. rhythms?

A. Negro spirituals

B. Reggae

C. Fuji

D. Soul

12. The call and response form of music is

A. antiphonic

B. homophonic

C. polyphonic

D. monophonic

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13. Which of the following African instruments has a mouthpiece?

A. Atimevu

B. Atɛntɛbɛn

C. Atumpan

D. Dawuro

14. Yen ara asase ni, a Ghanaian national song, was composed by

A. Ephraim Amu

B. Ken Kafui

C. Walter Blege

D. Kwabina Nketia

15. The last section of the first movement of a sonata is the

A. Development

B. Recapitulation

C. Coda

D. Exposition

16. The cadence that has its progression moving from chord V to chord VI is

A. Perfect

B. Imperfect

C. Interrupted

D. Plagal

17. Which of the following musical types is of Dagomba origin?

A. Kpanlogo

B. Damba

C. Atsiagbeko

D. Asafo

18. Which of the following Ghanaians is a traditional musician?

A. Stella Doughan

B. Ken Kafui

C. Kweku Acquaah Harrison

D. Vinoko Akpalu

19. Songs sung to mourn the dead are

A. dirges

B. patriotic

C. lullabies

D. recreational

20. An interval in which the first note sounds before the 2nd note is

A. melodic

B. harmonic

C. intervallic

D. scale

21. A musical piece with the sign p written on it means that it should be performed

A. with spirit

B. at a slow pace

C. in a vigorous manner

D. in a soft manner

22. Musical notes are represented on the

A. Double bar lines

B. Bar lines


D. Clef

23. Which of the following traditional musicians is noted for his guitar band?

A. Kakraba Lobi

B. Koo Nimo

C. Vinoko Akpalu

D. Yaa Adusa

24. Which of the following themes is peculiar to Blues music?

A. Politics

B. Lies

C. Poverty

D. Love

25. On which degree of the home key does a modulation to the relative minor move?

A. 4th

B. 5th

C. 3rd

D. 6th

26. Which of the following is a gospel musician in Ghana?

A. Nana Kwame Ampadu

B. Akosua Agyapong

C. Gyedu Blay Ambulley

D. Seth Frimpong

27. Seperewa is in the same classification as

A. Atumpan

B. Dawuro

C. Goje

D. Atɛntɛbɛn

28. Which of the following devices is harmonic?

A. Broken chord

B. Counterpoint

C. Inter-locking 3rds

D. Scaly

29. Which of the following is the warrior musical type in Ghana?

A. Sikyi

B. Nnwonkoro

C. Asafo

D. Adowa

30. What is the relative minor of key C major?

A. D minor

B. B minor

C. C minor

D. A minor

31. Trumpet belongs to a group of instruments called

A. Woodwinds

B. Strings

C. Brass

D. Percussion

32. In which of the following keys is A the leading note?

A. A major

B. C major

C. D major

D. B flat major

33. Which of the following musical types are dominantly performed by women in Ghana?

A. Bawa

B. Asafo

C. Agbadza

D. Nnwonkoro

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34. “Iron boy” a Ghanaian popular song was composed by

A. B. Crentsil

B. A. Adjei

C. Amakye Dede

D. Papa Yankson

35. Which of the following terms indicates speed?

A. Sforzando

B. Crescendo

C. Rallentando

D. Diminuendo

36. Peter Tosh was a star of

A. Jazz

B. Reggae

C. Calypso

D. Soul

37. A major scale can be divided into two similar halves called

A. Discords

B. Semitones

C. Tetrachords

D. Dissonance

38. A cadential progression from chord IV to chord V is

A. Imperfect.

B. Plagal.

C. Perfect

D. Interrupted

39. Erlking was composed by

A. Beethoven

B. Schubert

C. Tchaikovsky

D. Schumann

40. Which of the following is best used as a melodic device?

A. Unison

B. call and response

C. imitation

D. scaly

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