UEW Courses and Cut off points

UEW Courses and Cut off points

In this post, we will look at the admission details of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW) courses and cut off points. The UEW admission cut off point is one important factor considered during the student admission session and as a result, applicants are therefore advised to check and recheck if they meet the UEW courses and Cut Off point when applying for admission to avoid disappointments.

UEW Courses and Cut Off Points

Below are the courses offered at UEW

UEW Faculty of Educational Studies Programmes

  1. B. Ed. Basic Education (Upper Primary: P4 – P6)
  2. B. Ed. Basic Education (JHS Option-specialisation)
  3. B. Ed. Early Grade Education (KG-P3)
  4. B.Ed. Counselling Psychology Education
  5. B. Ed Community-Based Rehabilitation and Disability Studies
  6. B. Ed. Special Education
  7. Post-Diploma (B.Ed. Counselling Psychology)
  8. Post-Diploma (B.Ed. Community-Based Rehabilitation & Disability Studies)
  9. Post-Diploma (B.Ed. Early Grade Education)
  10. Post-Diploma (B.Ed. Basic Education [Junior High School])
  11. Post-Diploma (B.Ed. Basic Education [Upper Primary: P4- P6])
  12. Post-Diploma (B.Ed. Special Education)
  13. Diploma in Community-Based Rehabilitation & Disability Studies

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UEW Business Courses – School of Business

  1. B. B. A. Accounting
  2. B. B. A. Human Resource Management
  3. B. B. A. Banking & Finance
  4. B. B. A. Marketing and Entrepreneurship
  5. B. B. A. Procurement & Supply Chain Management
  6. B. SC. Management Education
  7. B.SC. Accounting Education
  8. B.B.A Business Information Systems
  9. B. SC. Insurance and Risk Management

UEW School of Creative Arts Courses

  1. B. A. Art Education
  2. B. A. Graphic Design
  3. B. A. Theatre Arts
  4. B. A. Creative Arts and Design Education
  5. B. Music
  6. B. A. Music Education
  7. B. A. Textile & Fashion Design Education
  8. B. F. A. Animation
  9. Post-Diploma in Music
  10. Post-Diploma (B.A. Theatre Arts)
  11. Post-Diploma (B.A. Art Education)
  12. Post-Diploma (B.A. Graphic Design)
  13. Post-Diploma (B.A. Music Education)
  14. Post-Diploma (B.A. Textile and Fashion Design Education)
  15. Diploma in Art
  16. Diploma in Graphic Design
  17. Diploma in Theatre Arts
  18. Diploma in Music
  19. Diploma in Textiles and Fashion

UEW School of Languages Courses

  1. B. A. English Education
  2. B. A. French Education
  3. B. A. French Education with German
  4. B. A. French Education with English
  5. B. A. Linguistics Education
  6. B. A. Linguistics and English Education
  7. B. A. Linguistics and French Education
  8. B. A. Linguistics and Twi Education
  9. B. A. Linguistics and Fante Education
  10. B. A. Linguistics and Ga Education
  11. B. A. Linguistics and Ewe Education
  12. B. A. Linguistics and Dangme Education
  13. B. A. Linguistics and Nzema Education
  14. B. A. Linguistics and Dagaare Education
  15. B. A. Linguistics and Kasem Education
  16. B. A. Linguistics and Gurene Education
  17. B. A. Linguistics and Gonja Education
  18. B. A. Linguistics and Dagbani Education
  19. B. A. Linguistics and Kusaal Education

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UEW Faculty of Science Courses

  1. B. Sc. Agriculture Education
  2. B. Sc. Physical Education
  3. B. Sc. Mathematics Education
  4. B. Sc. Mathematics Education with Economics
  5. B. Sc. Environmental Science
  6. B. Sc. Sports Coaching
  7. B. Sc. Integrated Science Education
  8. B. Sc. Physics Education
  9. B. Sc. Chemistry Education
  10. B. Sc. Biology Education
  11. B. Sc. Information & Communication Technology Education
  12. B. Sc. Health Administration & Education
  13. B. Sc. Environmental Health and Sanitation Education
  14. B. Sc. Indigenous Science Education
  15. Post-Diploma  (B.Sc. Mathematics Education)
  16. Post-Diploma (B.Sc. Information & Communication Technology Education)
  17. Post-Diploma (B.Sc. Health Administration and Education)
  18. Diploma in Coaching

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UEW Faculty of Social Science Courses

  1. B. A. Economics Education
  2. B. A. Geography Education
  3. B. A. History Education
  4. B. A. Political Science Education
  5. B. A. Social Studies Education
  6. B. A. Religious and Moral Education

UEW Home Economics Courses

  1. B.Sc. Food and Nutrition Education
  2. B.Sc. Clothing and Textiles Education
  3. B.Sc. Integrated Home Economics Education
  4. B. Sc. Family Life Management Education

UEW School of Media Studies and Communication

  1. B.A Development Communication
  2. B.A. Journalism and Media Studies
  3. B.A. Strategic Communication

UEW Ghanaian Languages Courses

  1. B. A. Twi Education
  2. B.A. (Twi Education with either English, French or German)
  3. B. A. Fante Education
  4. B.A. (Fante Education with either English, French or German)
  5. B. A. Nzema Education
  6. B.A. (Nzema Education with either English, French or German)
  7. B. A. Dagbani Education
  8. B. A. (Dagbani Education with either English, French or German)
  9. B. A. Dagaare Education
  10. B.A. (Dagaare Education with either English, French or German)
  11. B. A. Gonja Education
  12. B.A (Gonja Education with either English, French or German)
  13. B. A. Gurune Education
  14. B.A. (Gurune Education  with either English, French or German)
  15. B. A. Kasem Education
  16. B.A (Kasem Education with either English, French or German)
  17. B. A. Kusaal Education
  18. B.A. (Kusaal Education with either English, French or German)
  19. B. A. Ewe Education
  20. B.A (Ewe Education with either English, French or German)
  21. B. A. Ga Education
  22. B.A. (Ga Education with either English, French or German)
  23. B. A. Dangme Education
  24. B.A (Dangme Education with either English, French or German)
  25. B.A. Sisaali Education
  26. B.A. (Sisaali Education with English, French, German or Linquistics)
  27. B.A. Sisaali Education with any of the following Ghanaian Languages: Dagaare, Dagbani, Gonja, Gurune, Kasem, Kusaal, Likpakpaanl, Twi Fante, Nzema Ga, Dangme and Ewe)
  28. B.A Likpakpaanl Education
  29. B.A Likpakpaanl Education (with English, French, German or Linguistics)
  30. B.A Likpakpaanl Education (with any of the Ghanaian languages below: Dagaare, Dagbani, Gonja. Gurune, Kasem, Kusaal, Sisaali, Twi, Fante, Nzema, Ga, Dangme and Ewe)

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UEW Entry Requirements

UEW Undergraduate Entry Requirements

Below are the requirements for the UEW undergraduate courses;

WASSCE Certificate Holders

  1. Must have at least, six (6) WASSCE Credit passes(A1-C6) including three (3) Core Subjects: English Language, Mathematics and Integrated Science or Social Studies, as well as
  2. Three (3) Electives in relevant subjects with a total aggregate of 36 or better.
  3. Must also satisfy Special Programme requirement(s) for programme(s) chosen.

GCE Holders

  1. Five (5) credits at GCE “O” Level, including English Language and Mathematics as well as
  2. Two (2) “A” Level passes other than General Paper in relevant subjects

Diploma Holders

  1. Must possess a Higher National Diploma or its equivalence from a previous field or area of study.
  2. Full-Time applicants may pass an interview.

UEW Diploma Entry Requirements

WASSCE Entry Requirement

Applicants must have Credit passes (A1-C6) in FIVE (5) subjects, comprising THREE (3) Core Subjects including English Language and Mathematics, and TWO (2) Elective Subjects relevant to the programme chosen.

SSSCE Entry Requirement

Applicants must have Credits (A-D) in FIVE (5) subjects, comprising THREE (3) Core Subjects, including English Language and Mathematics, and TWO (2) Elective Subjects relevant to the programme chosen.

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UEW mature student Requirements

Below are the entry requirements for the UEW mature student admissions

  1. Must be at least, 25 years by September 1, 2021.
  2. Should have a minimum of a GCE/SSSCE/WASSCE Certificate/ DBS or RSA certificate.
  3. Must pass the UEW Entrance Exam in General Aptitude Test (GAT) and Subject Area Test (SAT)

Below are details of the University of Education Winneba Cut off points

UEW Cut Off Points

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UEW Courses and Cut Off Points Frequently Asked Question

What are the cut off points for UEW?

UEW admits students with an aggregate not more than 36 and a score not more than D7 in English, Mathematics and Integrated Science and 3 other elective subjects related to your programme of study.

Does UEW accept D7 in mathematics?

UEW will not admit students with a score of D7 in mathematics into our degree programmes. However, applicants may be considered for admission into the UEW diploma and certificate programmes.

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