UEW Banking and Finance Entrance Exams Past Questions

UEW Banking and Finance Entrance Exams Past Questions

UEW Banking and Finance Entrance Exams Past Questions 2023/2024. The UEW mature entrance examination allows applicants above 25 years of age who applied for Admission into REGULAR and SANDWICH PROGRAMMES using the MATURED ENTRY MODE option to write an Online Entrance Examination on the UEW Vclass Portal.

In this post, will provide our readers with past questions for the UEW BBA Banking and Finance programme which can be used by applicants to prepare for the UEW 2023/2024 examination.

UEW Mature Entrance Exam Past Questions

1. If a manager develops a new idea and gives a plan for the development of a new product in his workplace, then he is carrying out which of the following roles

a)      Liaison

b)      Disturbance handler

c)      Entrepreneur

d)     Disseminator

2.  The division of a market into identifiable sub-markets for the purpose of reaching target consumers is known as

a)      marketing concept

b)      product differentiation

c)      market segmentation

d)     marketing mix

3. Which of the following do not form part of the chain of distribution?

a)      small scale retailers

b)      insurance companies

c)      forwarding and shipping agents

d)     wholesale businesses

4. The short-term planning carried out by lower management to achieve operational objectives is termed…plan.

a)      contingency

b)      tactical

c)      Strategic

d)     operational

5. Directing in management may take the form of

a)      deciding the number of subordinates under a supervisor

b)      taking corrective action to achieve set objectives

c)      recognizing the achievements of employees

d)     designing strategies for achieving set goals

6. The main objective of any business enterprise is to

a)      provide services at a low cost

b)      employ people

c)      sell goods to consumers

d)     make a profit

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7. Which of the following is not an advantage of recruiting from internal sources?

a)      shorter period of adjustment to the new job

b)      improved morale

c)      lower costs

d)     guarantee of finding qualified applicants

8. Which of the following groups of producers falls under the manufacturing industry?

a)      Shoemaker and tailor

b)      Builder and farmer

c)      Banker and insurance agent

d)     Miner and welder

9. The idea that the consumer is the king is a reflection of the

a)      Marketing concept

b)      Seller’s market

c)      Target marketing

d)     Market segmentation

10. Investors in business expect their investments to

a)      be used to pay workers

b)      yield profits

c)      get their money back without interest

d)     earn interest on a regular basis

11.  Which of the following sources is an internal means of finance to a business?

a)      Trade credit

b)      Debenture

c)      Sales of assets

d)     Leasing

12. Which of the following activities is not involved in the planning of human resources?

a)      determining how many employees and what skills the organization needs

b)      forecasting how many employees the organization needs to hire and what

c)      qualifications to meet the firm’s needs

d)     considering the status of current personnel


13.  The five functions of management are planning, organizing, _________, staffing, and controlling.

a)      implementing

b)      rewarding

c)      motivating

d)     communicating

14.  When the parties to a contract fail to achieve mutual consensus the contract is rendered

a)      void

b)      valid

c)      enforceable

d)     voidable

15. Which of the following involves the assignment of duties by managers to their subordinates?

a)      directing

b)      planning

c)      controlling

d)     organizing

16.  Which of the following do not form part of the chain of distribution?

a)      wholesale businesses

b)     Small-scale retailers

c)      forwarding and shipping agents

d)     insurance companies

17.  An entity involved in the transformation of resources into products and services in order to meet the needs of people is BEST described as…

a)      society

b)      business organization

c)      market

d)      an incorporated company

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18. Which of the following is an audio-visual means of promoting a product?

a)      Radio

b)      Catalogue

c)      Magazine

d)     Television

19.  A shareholder in a limited liability company

a)      loses only the total value of his shares in the event of bankruptcy

b)      is responsible for appointing the managing director

c)      takes part in the daily activities of the company

d)     will use his wealth to pay the company’s debts

20.  The process by which a person’s efforts are energized, directed, and sustained toward attaining a goal is BEST described as…

a)      motivation

b)      planning

c)      leadership

d)     directing

21.  All of the following are basic elements in the decision-making process except

a)      certainty

b)      alternatives

c)      Consequences

d)     choice

22.  Bank overdraft may be classified as a

a)      medium-term loan

b)      short-term loan

c)      lease agreement

d)     long-term loan

23. Which of the following is software?

a)      Printer

b)      Server

c)      Fax machines

d)     Computer programs

24.  Decentralization in Ghana is being carried out through

a)      Regional Houses of Chiefs

b)      District Assemblies

c)      the Department of Co-operatives

d)     the Civil Service

25.  Distribution is one of the four marketing mix variables because

a)      it keeps wholesalers busy

b)      it increases the cost of goods

c)      products must be available when and where consumers want to purchase them

d)     it provides form utility

26.  Personnel management ensures

a)      the scheduling of production and sales to meet set targets

b)      that striking workers are immediately dismissed

c)      that the products of a company are made known to the public

d)     the proper utilization of human resources to optimal levels

27.  Workers who join together in unions try to achieve which of the following objectives?

a)      vacation with pay

b)      job security

c)      work without benefits

d)     better family support

28. Communication gap exists in an organization where

a)      people are not allowed to talk in the office

b)      information is withheld from people who require it

c)      a message is misunderstood

d)     the wrong information is given to staff

29.  Bamidele collects a loan and promises to pay it back in fifteen years. What type of loan is this?

a)      short-term

b)      long-term

c)      medium-term

d)     mortgage

30.  The set of measures pursued by an organization to maintain goodwill in its environment is known as

a)      publicity

b)      sales promotion

c)      motivation

d)     social responsibility

31.  The Ghana customs, excise, and preventive service ensure that

a)      businesses perform their legal responsibilities to society

b)      every business has a customer, no matter what is produced

c)      every business in Ghana belongs to a trade association

d)     business ethics do not conflict with social responsibility

32. In a limited partnership there must be a

a)      Dormant partner

b)      General Partner

c)      Nominal partner

d)     Guarantee partner

33. One of the functions of an organization chart is that it

a)      Shows the salary structure of the organization

b)      Shows the location of an organization

c)      Shows the structure of an organization at a glance

d)     Depicts the total number of workers in all organization

34. A partnership may be dissolved when

a)      the partnership fails to make profit at the end of the year

b)      one partner takes a bigger share of profit

c)      a partner decides not to take part in the management of the business

d)     partners agree to end the business

35.  Which of the following activities are performed by human resources managers?

a)      all of the above

b)      planning

c)      training

d)     Recruiting

36.  Shareholders are the owners of a

a)      limited liability partnership

b)      sole proprietorship

c)      Company

d)    Co-operative society

37.  A basic reason for packaging a product is

a)      protection

b)      transportation

c)      branding

d)     pricing

38.  Which of the following is a bill of exchange?

a)      cheques

b)      debit note

c)      letter of credit

d)     bank statement

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39.  All the following are advantages of advertising except

a)      Persuading people to buy what they do not want

b)      Creating a good image for the organization

c)      Educating the public about the uses of goods

d)     Increasing the firm’s share of the market

40.  Mr. Obeng tries to act as passively as possible at his workplace. His subordinates perceive him as inhibited and withdrawn. The method of communication which applies here is

a)      visual Top of Form

b)      non-verbal

c)      written

d)     verbal

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