TIN Number Ghana Registration

TIN Number Ghana Registration

The Tax Identification Number (TIN) is a crucial identification for individuals and businesses in Ghana. Registering for a TIN number is an important step to ensure compliance with tax regulations in Ghana. In this post, we will provide a comprehensive guide on TIN number registration in Ghana.

Who is Eligible to Apply for a Tax Identification Number in Ghana

According to the GRA, the following people or entities are required to register for a Tax Identification Number

  1. Individuals that earn taxable income in Ghana
  2. Individuals or entities that wish to clear goods in commercial quantities from any port or factory
  3. Individuals or entities that wish to register a title or other documentation relating to land
  4. Individuals or entities that require a Tax Clearance Certificate
  5. Individuals or entities that wish to register a business/company at the Registrar-Generals Department
  6. Individuals or entities that require a Permit from a District Assembly
  7. Individuals or entities that intend to receive a payment from the Controller and Accountant-Generals Department

Documents or Details You Need to Apply for Your TIN In Ghana

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Working Email Address (not to be shared)
  • Scanned color copy of the identity documents
  • Valid IDs for online Registration are your
  • Ghana Driving License, your Voters Card, or your National Identity Card (All Ids must be valid, expired IDs will be rejected)

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How To Register For Your TIN in Ghana Online 2023

  1. Visit the GRA official registration portal via www.gra.registration
  2. Complete the online form displayed with your details
  3. Select your type of identification ( National Identity Card, Driving License, Voters Card )
  4. Attach a scanned copy of the document selected
  5. Click on register
  6. Select View/ Print TIN Registration Stage
  7. Check your email for confirmation
  8. Click on the link to continue
  9. Enter your Email and password
  10. Click on Login
  11. Complete the form with your details
  12. Click on submit
  13. You will receive a successfully submitted message

Note: Processing takes less than 14 working days to complete

Alternatively, you can download a TIN form and either email your completed form to [email protected] or take it to your local Domestic Tax Revenue Division office in Ghana

Contact Information of Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA)


  • +233- (0) 302 904545
  • +233- (0) 302 904546


[email protected]

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