Psychometric Test South African Police Service

Psychometric Test South African Police Service

Psychometric Test South African Police Service 2023. The South Africa Police Service recruitment is a lengthy process that requires applicants to pass through several recruitment steps to ensure they are fit and suitable for the role. Applicants are subjected to fitness, psychometric, and integrity testing as well as medical evaluation and interview during the recruitment, selection, and enlistment process. One of these aptitude tests is the most SAPS Psychometric Test.

SAPS Psychometric Test is a South African Police Service recruitment Aptitude Test that is used to assess the capability of entry-level police trainee applicants. The objective of this test if an applicant will be successful in the role of a Police Official. In this post, we will outline the SAPS Psychometric Test Format, 

SAPS Recruitment Process

The South Africa Police Service Recruitment is conducted in the following process;

  • Online Application Form
  • Aptitude Tests
  • Physical Fitness Test
  • Medical Check
  • Background check

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SAPS Psychometric Test Format

The South Africa Police Service Psychometric Test is divided into four (4) areas. These are;

  • SAPS abstract reasoning – This test area is a non-verbal test that focuses on your ability to take unfamiliar information and use it to form reasoned deductions.
  • SAPS verbal reasoning – The verbal reasoning assessment is testing several parts of basic literacy. In the assessment, you will be provided with a passage of unfamiliar text. This might be related to police work, or something completely different.
  • SAPS numerical reasoning – In the numerical reasoning assessment, you are being tested on your ability to apply basic math principles to different situations.
  • SAPS personality test – As part of the assessments, your work behavior and personality traits need to be assessed against a benchmark of what is considered to be the ideal candidate.

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