Ghana Airforce Ranks and their Insignia

Ghana Airforce Ranks and their Insignia

The Ghana armed forces’ was established in 1957 as the sole institution in charge of Ghana’s external security affairs. The forces are made up of 3 arms of service, that is the “Army”, “Airforce” and “Navy”. The president of Ghana serves as the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces whiles the ministry of defense together with the chief of defense staff are both in charge of all managerial affairs of the armed forces. 

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Ghana Airforce Ranks

The Airforce is an arm of service of the Ghana Armed Forces that is in charge of all aerial warfare activities of the military. The Airforce ranks have been divided into 2 major ranks which are 

  1. Commissioned Officer Ranks
  2. Enlisted Ranks (Other Ranks)

In this article, we outline all ranks of the Navy from the lowest ranks to the highest ranks for both officer ranks and enlisted ranks.

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Enlisted ranks include

7. Aircraftsman

No Insignia

6. Leading Aircraftsman


5. Corporal

Ghana_Air_Force-CPL blofoghana


4. Sergeant


3. Flight Sergeant

Ghana_Air_Force-FSG blogofghana


2. Warrant Officer Class II

Ghana_Air_Force-WO2 blogofghana


1. Warrant Officer Class I

Ghana_Air_Force-WO1 blogofghana

Commissioned officer ranks


10. Pilot Officer

Ghana_Air_Force-2LT blogofghana


9. Flying Officer

Ghana_Air_Force-1LT blogofghana


8. Flight Lieutenant

Ghana_Air_Force-CPT blogofghana


7. Squadron Leader

Ghana_Air_Force-MAJ blogofghana


6. Wing Commander

Ghana_Air_Force-LTC blogofghana


5. Group Captain


4. Air Commodore

Ghana_Air_Force-AC blogofghana


3. Air Vice-Marshal

Ghana_Air_Force-VAM blogofghana


2. Air Marshal

Ghana_Air_Force-AM blogofghana


1. Air Chief Marshal

Ghana_Air_Force-ACM blogofghana

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